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Sunchem is a company specialized in sustainable feedstock production. We are developing applications for our innovative nicotine-free tobacco variety Solaris. Solaris is a non-gmo crop with a high yield of seed and biomass. By applying the biorefinery principle, different products can be obtained from Solaris, serving various markets. Sunchem’s mission is to provide the world with a sustainable alternative feedstock for protein and biofuel.

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Solaris has a high yield of oil and biomass compared to conventional crops. The seed oil can be used for biodiesel production or for biojet, a biobased kerosene replacement for the aviation industry. The biomass is suitable for biogas fermentation.

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Solaris can increase sustainability as a local source of protein for animal feed. After pressing the oil, a protein rich seedcake is left. Trials and certification processes are ongoing for seedcake and ensilaged Solaris biomass as feed for chickens and ruminants.

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The demand for sustainable plant protein increases worldwide. Sunchem investigates the production of leaf protein extract from Solaris. This extract has an optimal nutritional profile and contains Rubisco, a protein with promising functionality as ingredient.

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Biopharmaceuticals are costly due to expensive production in sterile systems. Biopharming uses plants to produce pharmaceutical proteins faster and cheaper. Solaris has benefits over other tobacco varieties as a biopharming platform.

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